Saturday 12 May 2012

Defining the Common genes in mitochondrial DNA control region of Modern Native Egyptian Mau

This is a scientific paper written by an Egyptian scientist, Moataz A. Abdelghafar. I am very impressed with his desire and ambition. Please read the paper and assist him. This is a specialist area and the article is probably work in progress but it is nice to receive a request to publish work by an young Egyptian person who wishes to research the Egyptian Mau, a major cat in the cat fancy. Please click on the link below to see his work. When you click on it you will receive a download request for a PDF file. This is an entirely safe file and is in this format because of convenience.

The opening para reads as follows:

The purpose of this project is to compare the DNA of present day spotted cats in Egypt with Egyptian Mau, standard breeds overseas, and ultimately with that from a mummified cat, to see if there are any markers in either or both of the modern day cats to the original Mau cats. The Egyptian Mau - Felis silvestris ornate- is the only spotted domestic cat that developed on the link to read the article...


Egyptian Mau.

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