Casual T. Cat

Casual T. Cat was a brown cat that walked upright (anthropomorphized). He was the cartoon cat who was electrocuted to death when a baby grabs his tail and stuffs it into a wall electrical socket. The baby had been playing with an electrical cord beforehand.

This grizzly scene was in a public service announcement safety commercial produced for American television by the American Academy of Pediatricians.

The title of the commercial was: The Shocking Adventurer of Casual T. Cat. The lesson was: "Childproof your home".

It was first seen on television in 1989. The characters in the animated short film were made of plasticine clay, using Claymation or clay animation. In this form of animation the characters are photographed, adjustments made to their positioning etc. and then re-photographed and so on. The still images are then pieced together and played as a movie creating the illusion of moving characters with a sense of three dimensions as these are three dimensional objects.

Sadly, as far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing on the Internet that shows us what the characters looked like. Sorry!


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