PET Plastic Bottles Cat Deterrent Japan

In Japan PET plastic bottles are used as a cat deterrent. "PET" is a type of plastic used in packaging. We are talking about plastic bottles lined up, filled with water and placed on surfaces where a feral or stray will tend to walk and/or jump. The bottles are on their sides in the picture. Do the Japanese stand them upright sometimes?

PET bottles lined up on a wall in Japan. Photo

For me a couple or more things come to mind. There are lot of stray and feral cats in Japan it seems to me. There are photographers who specialise in photographing stray cats! One is MAR and he is featured on PoC: Stray Cat Picture.

Another is a photographer of stray cats who uses a iPhone to take the photographs. He or she was featured by VG on her blog: Street cats in Japan by brilliant photographer toru umeda.

Next thing that comes to mind is that it looks a bit odd to us in the West to line up plastic bottles like this. It does not look great next to those gorgeous Bonzi trees. beats shooting and poisoning cats, something that you read about a bit (a lot?) on the internet.

It has to be efficient because a cat simply would not jump onto the plastic bottles you see in the picture. They would know that they are unstable. Of the off-chance that a cat did jump onto them he would soon learn his lesson.

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