Sunday 27 May 2012

Boo Cartoon Cat (Funky Phantom)

Boo Cartoon cat with Mudsy and Skip, April and Augie

Boo is a cartoon cat and companion of Jonathan Wellington "Mudsy" Muddlemore. They are both ghosts from the American War of Independence (1775–1783) - American Revolutionary War. 

They featured in a Saturday morning cartoon called The Funky Phantom, which had 17 episodes. The Funky Phantom was made by an Australian production company called Air Programs International and was first aired on television in 1971. It was made for Hanna-Barbera Productions who I presume were in contract with ABC television in the USA.

Johnathan Muddlemore (together with his companion cat) was fighting in the American War of Independence, when they bumped into a couple of British soldiers in an old house that had a large free-standing clock in the hall. It was one of the old fashioned grandfather clocks you see in antique shops. They hid in the clock where they unfortunately met their demise as they couldn't get out .

Moving to the time the cartoon was made, some 230 years later, we see that Skip, April and Augie, three teenagers and their irritable, bulldog Elmo enter the same old house near midnight to get out of a storm and on seeing the clock and noticing the time was wrong (at 6:30pm), reset the time to midnight. The clock chimes midnight...

That set things released the captives inside the clock, now the ghosts of Johnathan Muddlemore and his cat Boo. They were known henceforth as the benevolent Funky Phantom and Boo - Mudsy and Boo. Mudsy and Boo joined and supported Skip, April and Augie becoming a quintet righting wrongs across the nation. They battled evil ghosts as well as an apparition called the Headless Horseman.

Don Messick did the voice of Boo and Daws Butler did the voice of Mudsy. The first episode airing on 9th November 1971 was Don't Fool With a Phantom. The last episode was Ghost Grabbers which was on television on 1st January 1972.

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