Domestic cats and dogs may have to be vaccinated in the future against Covid-19 to protect people

This is a quick note but one worth making nonetheless. I think I can predict that in the long term, perhaps in about 18 months to 2 years time, governments in various countries, perhaps predominantly in the West, will be thinking about vaccinating companion animals as a second phase protective measure against Covid-19.  This is because there is a concern amongst some scientists that animals may create a reservoir for mutant variants of the Covid-19 virus. As the virus is zoonotic it can theoretically and actually be transmitted from animals to people and this must apply also to companion animals. Danish mink farmer with white mink due to be euthanised. Photo per credit Perhaps because of the general panicked nature of governmental responses to the coronavirus pandemic, not enough work has been done on this aspect of the spread of the disease. In addition nobody wants to alarm anybody which may lead to companion animal abuse. In fact, in China, at the outset of the pandemic, there were

My Yellow Tabby Tomcat

Hi All! My name is Stefan and I have a 3 year old yellow tabby tomcat called Base. I will say some words on the big differences existing in the temperament and personality of my cats. It is my third attempt to raise and live with a cat in my life. I had in the past a cat who lived 4 years and another gray short-haired cat who lived 8 years before I adopted Base - so I can say a few words about this ;)


So, Base is totally different from Petrica (the former gray tabby). Petrica was a very quiet person, he watched TV, slept almost all day and never left the apartment. And he made a crisis out of transporting him in my car. 

Base is totally the opposite… he a strong personality, and is a very restless kind of animal. He is always running and jumping, asking for food or litter, and having a powerful and tonal voice when he meows. He patrols the entire building (6 floors), sleeps occasionally in the neighborhood (a old lady feeds him), and escaped twice outdoors - I recovered him with major injuries due to the fights he got into. He has also fallen twice from the 4th floor but fortunately things were O.K. and he escaped (i say that he has only seven lives remaining from the nine that he had :).

But the most specific thing is that he loves to travel in my car. I had taken him in my care for a year and a half almost daily in the city for two or more hours... he enjoys that ;)

I must recognize that he is a real challenge for me, but I like this and I try to keep up with all he is doing ;) Well, that is a part of the story, what else can I say ?

You can see the two of us here :¬if_t=group_activity#!/profile.php?id=100000360893678

and Base only in the attached pictures. All the best to all cat lovers from Bucharest, Romania.

Stefan Muresan (Bucharest, Romania)

PS - I like very much the blog ;)

Note from Michael (Admin): Red tabby cats are in general known to be leader (alpha) type cats and it is no surprise to me that Base behaves in that sort of way -  adventurous etc.


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