Sunday 27 May 2012

Captain Jack Cartoon

Captain Jack is a cat cartoon character. He is a suave adult comic books hero who was created by Mike Kazaleh, a freelance funny-animal comic animator and artist.

Captain Jack first appeared in 1986 in the comic book The Adventures of Captain Jack published by Fantagraphics Books who say they are a "Publisher of Comic Books and Graphic Novels by the World's Greatest Cartoonists". However, I cannot find a reference to this comic book character nor the creator of the character on the Fantagraphics Books' website.

Captain Jack
Captain Jack is a grey and white cat. Technically speaking he is a bicolor cat - solid and white. He likes to live well and wears a smart uniform and often smokes a cigar.

Captain Jack is a space adventurer of the 23rd century, specifically 2200. He commands a crew that includes a dog called Herman Feldman who has a side kick, a small dog with a red tail who is conveniently called Beezlebub, a play on the name, as you have no doubt guessed, of Beelzebub, meaning the devil. The crew also includes a terrier faced robot called Adam Fink.

In one adventure Captain Jack went to rescue Stanley Tomcat who had actually decided that he wanted to stay on a planet that he liked. In another space adventure Jack travels to a farming planet to help out with harvesting. The only occupants of the planet are raccoons: Fred and Janet.

Note: The picture is from a comic book cover and is published under the principles of fair use as this page promotes the cartoon and does not have a detrimental effect on the commercial rights of the character.

For more on cat cartoon characters please see: Cartoon Cats.

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