Monday 21 May 2012

One Reason to Dislike Politicians

There are many reasons to dislike politicians. In Europe, what about introducing the Eurozone, a concept that was and remains impossible in the long term. There will be some form of break up in due course. The politicians didn't provide any rules for getting out of the Eurozone....

Well, the Euozone crisis is part of the debt crisis and the debt crisis is about mismanagement by politicians and big business who work hand in hand. The average man pays for all the mistakes.

But the politicians are not content to just tax the people a bit more and put us through "austerity".  In Italy they wanted to tax the cats, the dogs and any animal which receives our affection.

The idea to tax companion animals in Italy is a sure sign of desperation, which must mean that things are bad in Italy.

Fortunately the proposal by an faceless politician has been savaged :). Not by a dog but by the sensible public.

The Italians and indeed any country in Europe would do better to spend less rather than tax more if they want to resolve their debt problems. The Eurocrats in Brussels can and should, but won't do the same.

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