Thursday 31 May 2012

The Crow and the Bengal Cat

This happened about two hours ago, in London, in my communal garden and in a neighbour's garden. It is a slice of cruel natural life.

Daniel an F3 Bengal cat
A young crow was attacked by an F3 Bengal cat called Daniel when he was out in the garden under the supervision of his caretaker.

The crow escaped from Daniel and managed to get into a neigbouring garden. A while later there was an enormous commotion. Crows and magpies were circling around and squawking feverishly. This went and on until I went out to investigate.

I looked over the wall into my neighbour's garden. I saw the young crow that had escaped from Daniel on the ground, wings outstretched and on his back.

On top of him was another crow who was stabbing his beak into the other crow's neck and head. The crow was deliberately killing the other bird.

As I looked over the wall the attacking crow jumped off and flew away. The attacked crow flapped both wings gently and died.

The squawking and screaming stopped. All was quiet.

Was this a deliberate killing of a competitor or potential competitor? And were the other birds looking on and enjoying the whole process like a gladiatorial fight?

Date: 31st May 2012 - Time: 12:05

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