Tuesday 2 August 2011

Bengal Cat Agility

Here is a really nice picture (another one!) of a beautiful purebred Bengal cat with gorgeous rosetted spots showing off his or her movement and agility. I think the shape is nice and the picture hints at a dynamic movement that is synonymous with the Bengal cat.

Bengal Cat "Zephyr" showing graceful movement
Photo by Nacho y Adriana

The interesting thing about the photo for me is this question: Is Zephyr poking around a water bowl? It looks like it and if so it would be entirely in keeping with this cat's character.

The wildcat ancestor of this cat is the Asian leopard cat and they spend a lot of time hunting prey in and near water courses where prey is more abundant. Makes sense.

By the way it is false to think that cats don't like water. Some cats don't but in general they are fine with it and many or most like it.

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