Chartreux versus British Blue

Chartreux vs British Shorthair (Blue) - Photos copyright Helmi Flick

The Chartreux looks like a blue British Shorthair. Sometimes people mix up the two and I can see why. On close inspection they do look different though.

The Chartreux is a separate cat breed and a French cat breed. The only color allowed for the Chartreux is blue while the British Shorthair can have a wide range of colors and patterns according to the breed standard.

The breed standard for the Chartreux differs from the breed standard for the British Shorthair.

For the Chartreux the ears are slightly larger and slightly more erect on the head, which is less round and more angular (reverse triangular shape).

The Chartreux is said to have skinny legs and smiling face. It has a long history as has the British SH.

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