Cream Mackerel Tabby British Shorthair

Meet "Krystofer", a young exuberant boy British Shorthair cat photographed by the celebrated cat photographer, Helmi Flick.

Cream Mackerel Tabby British Shorthair
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

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You can see his faint banding on the limbs. You can read about tabby cat coats by clicking on the link.

As to the color cream; the recessive dilution gene dd causes the pigmentation that caused the red coat "phaeomelanin" to be clumped irregularly along the hair shaft that gives the appearance of a dilute color - so red (orange) becomes cream.

Cream can be altered by the dominant dilute modifier dene Dm to make apricot.

Genotype of cream is: ddOOdmdm
Genotype of appricot is: ddOODm-


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