Saturday 6 August 2011

Bengal Cat Clubs

Here is a list of Bengal Cat Clubs:

The Bengal Cat Club - UK located but some international members - affiliated to the GCCF.

The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain - TICA chartered club and affiliated to the Feline Advisory Bureau.

International Bengal Cat Club

The Ocicat and Bengal Cat Club - UK - affiliated to the GCCF.

The International Bengal Cat Society - I think you will find this the most active. Founded in 1988. USA located - Oldest and largest. Photo adjacent is copyright Helmi Flick.

Some more Bengal Cat Clubs worldwide:

USA - The International Bengal Breeders Association

Germany, Switzerland, Austria - IG Bengal Katzen Schweiz

Come In Bengals

Holland-Nederlands - Neobengalen

Sweden - Bengal Cat Club Sweden

Denmark - Bengal Cat Association of Denmark

Norway - Bengalkatten

France - Cercle Felin du Bengal

Poland - Koty Bengalskie

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