Monday 22 August 2011

High value purebred cats have more behavioral problems than moggies

Dr. Trevor Turner in this book Veterinary Notes For Cat Owners says that "owners" of cats are more likely to see him for cat behavior problems if the cat is a high value purebred cat rather then a random bred cat. Dr. Turner works or worked in the UK.

The book was published in 1994. At that time he says that 8 per cent of British cats were purebred cats of recognised breeds. However, 44 per cent of the cats seen by him for behavioral problems were cats of a cat breed. 14 per cent were "first cross strains" and 42 per cent were moggies both long and short haired cats.

Of the 8 per cent cats that were purebreds, 24% were Siamese cats. The large majority of these cats were seen for spraying indoors. 20% were Burmese cats. The biggest behavioral problem for Burmese cats was aggression towards other cats in the house (multi-cat households) and cats outside is allowed outside. 13% of the purebred cats seen were Abyssinians. The behavioral problem for Abyssinians was a breakdown in relations with other Abyssinians in the household. Finally 13% were Persians who had inappropriate elimination problems.

The classic case profile for Dr Turner was a neutered 1-2 year old male domestic Siamese or Shorthair cat that lives with one other cat and which sprays or soils inappropriately indoors.

The conclusions as to why cited by Dr Turner are:
  • Owners are more likely to bring an expensive purebred cat to a veterinarian for behavioral problems because they want to fix the problem rather than relinquish the cat due to the cost of the cat.
  • Purebred cats are more likely to be full-time indoor cats and the problems are more noticeable "due to being more reactive to change within the home".
  • Purebred cats such as the Persian and Siamese are more sensitive and highly strung.
Drugs to solve behavioral problems are "rarely curative and usually inhibits learning".

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