Wednesday 3 August 2011

Prices For Purebred British Shorthairs

All non-breeding purebred cats of the same quality will have similar prices.  Research indicates that in the USA the prices for purebred British Shorthairs vary between about $400 and $1000. The variation is reflected in the quality of the cat. By "quality" the breeder means how closely the cat meets the breed standard and overall impression plus character of the cat. You can tell quality when you see it.

In Britain the same figures apply but you will need to change dollars for pounds (approximately). I would expect that mainland Europe was the same. For Canada the pricing will be a conversion from USD to Canadian dollars.

Breeding cats (unneutered) are more expensive and are sold to breeders. Sometimes people who intend to breed cats sometimes buy "pet quality" cats (cats not intended to be a breeding cat) and breed from the cat in breach of contract between breeder (seller and customer (buyer)). Under these circumstances the breeder will have a right to sue for compensation provided the contract allows for it.

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