British Shorthair Silver Tabby

Silver Tabby British Shorthair - Photo by warper

This is a nice example of a British SH silver tabby cat. She is female - I guess you can see that in her cute face - she is called Lulu.

Silver tabbies are agouti cats. "Agouti" refers to the gene that dictates the pigmentation in the individual hair strands - banded.

The silver tabby is a popular coat type for this cat. Although the blue, a dilute black - is probably the most popular.

The American Shorthair (the American Shorthair has a common ancestor with the British Shorthair), is probably most popular in the sliver tabby coat.

Lulu has a blotched or classic tabby coat. Apparently, it is difficult to breed good silver tabbies because the coat is created by a polygenetic influence (multi-genes) which makes the selective breeding process more complicated.


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