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Saturday 13 August 2011

Silver Classic Tabby British Shorthair Kitten

I think I have shown a picture of this really nice looking cat before. This time the coat is more visible. This is a classic or blotched (as opposed to a mackerel - striped) tabby coat. The background is silver.

Silver tabby British Shorthair - Photo by warper

See a page with lots of pictures and explanations on the tabby cat coat.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Happy British Shorthair Cat

Lulu, the smiling one in the picture below is a silver tabby Brit SH. I have another picture of her on this page - my thanks to the photographer and human companion for licensing use of the photo.

Happy Lulu! Photo by warper (Flickr)

Great smile and we all know why she is co content. Her buddy is giving her a good wash. This tells us how we can make out cats happy. Groom them, stroke them (simulates the tongue washing) and flea comb them. All should be liked and loved. Grooming should always be gentle but practical and firm. It is a question of balance and common sense.

British Shorthair Silver Tabby

Silver Tabby British Shorthair - Photo by warper

This is a nice example of a British SH silver tabby cat. She is female - I guess you can see that in her cute face - she is called Lulu.

Silver tabbies are agouti cats. "Agouti" refers to the gene that dictates the pigmentation in the individual hair strands - banded.

The silver tabby is a popular coat type for this cat. Although the blue, a dilute black - is probably the most popular.

The American Shorthair (the American Shorthair has a common ancestor with the British Shorthair), is probably most popular in the sliver tabby coat.

Lulu has a blotched or classic tabby coat. Apparently, it is difficult to breed good silver tabbies because the coat is created by a polygenetic influence (multi-genes) which makes the selective breeding process more complicated.

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