Bicolor British Shorthair

The bicolor British Shorthair should be one third to one half white. The remainder of the coat should be colored. The colored areas are on top and the white fur is underneath. The picture below by the celebrated Helmi Flick shows two blue British Shorthairs on the outside and two blue bicolor kittens in the middle:

Blue and Bicolor British Shorthair Cats
Photo copyright Helmi Flick

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Symmetry in the coat is an ideal. The classic inverted "V" in white on the face is an example of this symmetry. This can be seen in the kittens in the photo.

The colored areas can be solid color (called "self" in cat fancy language) or tabby patterned. The colored areas can also be in more than one color. These cats are called "patched" coats. These are called "calico" cats in the USA (tortoiseshell and white). The patches of color are on the top of the cat.


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