Thursday 4 August 2011

British Shorthair Rescue

When I think of British Shorthair Rescue, I think of cat cubs because they sometimes have welfare or rescue sections. This is the case in the UK at the British Shorthair cat club but it looks like an inactive page.

The Southern British Shorthair Cat Club, also an English cat club, have a rehome list. It too looks quiet, however. But it is worth contacting these clubs I think.

There are other rescue organisations in the UK but they too look quiet. I think a good idea is to join a Yahoo Group and start chatting. You may get lucky. Click here to see four Yahoo Groups concerned with the British Shorthair. These are quite small groups but as I say it is worth a try and easy to do. Yahoo Groups are worldwide. There are no boundaries so you should expect to talk to people from a country that is not your own!

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue have a Facebook page for USA people looking to rescue a Brit SH or any purebred cat. Although the Brit SH is popular I think you find it difficult to get a result.

Rescue Me! have a Brit SH page but not sure if you will see a cat! They are USA located. On the following page there is what appears to be a large list of rescue groups for this breed but I don't think it works out quite like that. Give it a try though.

Conclusion: It is going to be difficult to rescue a Brit SH.

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