Saturday 6 August 2011

Siamese Cats For Sale in India

India is a growing market for purebred cats. That must be a natural consequence of the growth in their economy and greater ties to western economies. The India nation is becoming more westernised it seems to me. Beware of the lifestyle in the west! It ain't all that good.

Anyway, as an example of how the lifestyles are changing in India you can find purebred cats for sale on the internet. The Persian seems to be the most common purebred cat. The Siamese is also advertised. I find it interesting - the attitude of the Indian people towards purebred cats. Rudolph a contributor to my website keeps Persians and they are good rat catchers! Persons in America just like to sit around looking pretty. I prefer the working purebred cat.

Siamese Cats for sale in Mumbai, India

These kittens are chocolate pointed traditional Siamese (Applehead). The asking price is 10000 Rs but negotiable. At the time of this post 1000 rupees is worth about $22 (USD). Cheap. This must be because of the exchange rate. Purebred cats in the US will cost in the order of $400 - $1000.

This breeder does not ship internationally and accepts cash.

An interesting point is this. These are purebred Siamese cats but as far as I know there is no cat association in India so they can't be registered.

If you want to get in touch this is the name and phone number: Ariff Bham - 02223888849.

The location:

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