Sunday 7 August 2011

Bengal Cat Rikku Tub Drinking

Rikku Tub Drinking by carianoff
Rikku Tub Drinking
Bengal cats like water! - Photo by Michael Carian (Flickr)
Lots of cats drink from a tap or from the bottom of the bath or a puddle etc.

But Bengal cats are known to be particularly fond of water.

Actually it goes wider than that. The wildcat hybrids are fond of water and it appears that the more wildcat they have in their blood the more they are likely to like water. Kathrin Stucki who breeds Savannah cats including F1s says they join her in the shower.

Rikku is an SBT as far as I know but he strikes a classic pose in the bathtub drinking from the tap.

Nice shot because the photographer has frozen the action.

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