Tuesday 2 August 2011

Bengal Cat Breed Standard

The breed standard for purebred cats is provided by the various cat associations. They vary slightly or even a lot! They are the guidelines for appearance of the cat and in the case of the Bengal cat there is reference to personality being non-aggressive because there was a fear early on in the development of this wildcat hybrid that the cat would be too aggressive to be a domestic cat. That has proved unfounded. The Bengal cat does have specific character traits but if properly socialised by the breeder this cat is as domesticated as any other domestic cat.

I have a page on the Bengal Cat Breed Standard. It contains a large format annotated picture - the best way to talk about standards I think. The image below is a thumbnail version of the image.

Bengal Cat Breed Standard

The written breed standards of the cat associations can be a bit difficult to read if you are outside the cat fancy.

Click this link to see TICA Bengal Cat Breed Standard.

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