Sunday 4 January 2009

Wild Cheetah Licks Photographer

A wild cheetah mother caring for her young licks the hand in affection for the photographer photographing her.

Here's a really nice video produced by National Photographic Wild Chronicles in which the mother cheetah who they filmed with her cubs, licks the hand of the photographer while he is photographing. Remind yourself of the plight of the cheetah: Jaguar Cheetah Animal Print Lunch Box Cooler Gifts & Gift Ideas

Wild cats in Africa are used to being tracked in vehicles and I suppose being photographed but it seems very charming to me that this happened. The photographer said that it was a great privilege to photograph the cheetah and felt a strong responsibility towards them. He reiterated what I have been hammering away at namely the loss of habitat in Africa and the world over that is driving the cheetah and the other wildcats to extinction in the wild. CITES and the IUCN red List really don't seem to be having much effect in preventing this gradual process of extinction.

See IUCN Red List for Cats and CITES in relation to Cats.

Wild Cheetah Licks photographer to Cheetah Habitat

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