Friday 16 January 2009

Cat Welfare in the USA

Cat welfare in the USA is not in bad shape on the face of it. More, lots more, though, can be done. There are too many feral, stray cats. Too many unnecessary deaths of innocent and unloved cats. Far too much declawing. The almost automatic declawing of domestic cats indicates a deep rooted misunderstanding of the human/domestic cat relationship, which I find deeply disturbing. Lots of people support HSUS and PETA. And lots don't like the way that they operate.

Do you think these organizations should have a voice that influences the new government of Barak Obama? Well, we know how the President-elect likes to be in touch with the mood and feelings of the people. He has a website on which you can vote the above point. A cat breeder or someone who dislikes the animal rights movement has "petitioned" the President-elect with this ainimal welfare vote. It argues that the powers of HSUS and PETA should be limited. Do you agree?

President-elect Citizens Briefing Book - Animal Welfare - HSUS & PETA - for or against?

Cat Welfare in the USA may be affected by this vote.

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  1. Cat welfare? You can't be serious. Government shouldn't be involved in human welfare, let alone cat welfare. If you want animal rights, at least acknowledge your own right not to have your property stolen from you and used to fund a charity you may or may not agree with. Charity is for private markets. The nature of government is NOT to fix the problem, but to stagnate and let it get worse so that it can obtain more funding- the nature of private charity, responsible directly to funders, is to SOLVE problems or else it will not receive funding. Leave government, and Obama, out of this if you honestly care about cat "welfare."


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