Thursday 8 January 2009

Autralians Confused About Cats

Yup, it seems to me that Australians are confused about cats. On the one hand they are allowed to shoot 'em up in some States (Queensland and NSW for example - there are probably more) as they simply don't know how to control the feral cat of Australia and on the other hand they save one cat that was trapped in a burning house. See:

Bengal cat shot in Australia
Ground shooting of feral cats

What is it to be? Aussies killing feral cats by the tens of thousands (and that isn't fast enough for some Aussies) and yet (rightly) they save the life of a 7 year old Persian cat (actually he looks like a Himalayan a pointed Persian) in Adelaide.

The point is that the Aussie government is confused about how to deal with the feral cat. The Persian cat was saved by a fireman, a completely non-political person, I suspect, just doing his job in a compassionate manner.

Politicians shouldn't be making self-interested decisions about feral cats. It should be in the hands of objectively minded apolitical scientists who understand cats and how to control feral populations.

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