Friday 9 January 2009

Is This Pet Food Dangerous?

Is this pet food dangerous as the video maker says? It is Wellness® Pet Food and in the video below the video maker says that fish bones are present in the food that have not been sufficiently crushed, which makes the dried food dangerous. The bones are very sharp.

Viewers of the video are unsure if this allegation is true or if it is a competitor slurring Wellness® for financial gain. If it is a deliberate slur, I would be very surprised if it was a competitor as it would leave them open to damages in a court of law.

If it is a deliberate slur designed to damage Wellness® then it is more likely to be an individual, who is frankly living very dangerously. If the video is taken off YouTube and no longer visible below please don't be surprised.

So who made the video? Well, the video maker's channel (the webpage provided by YouTube to him) is very thin indeed, meaning he has only made one video, the one above. His profile states that he is 85 years of age and living in the United States. The voice of the commentator on the video is not 85 years of age. There is no information about the person other than his as stated. This is unusual.

Some of the fish bone is embedded in the food, which would be hard to fake, it seems to me. There are some pieces of loose bone in the bag as well. But as a commentator said, it would be very unusual for loose bone to be floating around at the top of the bag. It would have settled on the bottom of the bag during transportation, unless the bag was stored upside down. It is possible then, although unlikely, that there could have been loose bone fragments at the top of the bag.

Other commentators have said that their purchases have been OK. For my part, I am more or less convinced that the answer to the question, is this pet food dangerous, is a categorical NO. Why? Because the product is so obviously inedible and dangerous as to expose the manufacturer to a large claim for compensation. And that, I would have thought, is highly unlikely to happen.

Yes, there have been some horrendous pet food recalls. The last was the melamine in pet food recall. But this was a hidden poison in the gluten additive of pet food. The ingredient came from China. In this case the defect is very visible and quality control would surely pick this up? This though begs the question as to how bones were embedded in the dry food? My thoughts are that this is not that hard to do for someone who is determined enough to fake this.

OK, I conclude that this is probably a scam but everyone will have to make up their own mind as I could well be wrong.

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