Friday 9 January 2009

Are Cats Hurt by Commercial Food and Vaccines?

Are cats hurt by commercial food and vaccines? It is argued by some that poor commercial food that are low in nutrients suitable to a cat and high in toxins (for commercial manufacturing reasons) can damage cat health. Combine this with the still prevalent concept of yearly vaccines and some veterinarians argue that there has been an increase in chronic ill health of cats and dogs.

One such person is Michael E Dym, who practices Classical Veterinary Homeopathy. He argues that illnesses and behavioral problems that were rare in the 1960s are more frequently encountered today. He blames, as I mentioned, pet food and unnecessary vaccinations. He says that most of the health problems originate in a breakdown in the immune system.

This can result in a wide range of illnesses such as: degenerative arthritis, chronic skin/ear allergies, digestive upset, seizures, gum/ teeth problems, kidney and liver failure, thyroid, adrenal and pancreatic disorders and cancer across all ages and breeds.

Sometimes diseases are being treated with cortisones and antibiotics to suppress the symptoms when a more fundamental diagnosis of underlying causes should be made. He recommends Homeopathy as an alternative.

My highly cynical thoughts for what they are worth are these. Vaccinations are profitable for veterinarians. Vets have high overheads and need big salaries because they are well qualified. That indicates a motivation to over treat either by way of vaccination or by suppressing symptoms with drugs. It is easier to suppress symptoms than find the underlying cause plus the problem is still there needing more treatments. Vaccinations can it seems cause more ill health than they are intended to prevent. In addition there are the huge drug companies. They need to sell lots of drugs and who buys them and on what terms? Of course vets buy them. There is a kind of juggernaut effect. Health has become too commercial. You cannot effectively combine health and profit without some negative aspects creeping into the equation.

Cats and dogs can get a hard deal. They have no voice. They hide pain and discomfort. There is an element of guess work. Food is cheap, which means poor quality. It should be more expensive. This would reduce the number cat owners, reducing ultimately the number of stray cats and euthanized feral cats (over 2 million per year in the USA).

Another vet, Dr. Pat Bradley, DVM, Conway, USA says that the most common problems that he sees related to vaccines on a regular basis are ear or skin conditions, such as chronic discharges and itching. He also sees behavioral problems such as fearfulness or aggression.

And yet another Dr.Blanco, D.V.M says that you can take healthy animals and often soon after the vaccination, things like itching of the skin or excessive licking of the paws can be seen, sometimes even with no eruptions. There are probably many more vets with similar opinions.

Are Cats Hurt by Commercial Food and Vaccines? Yes, sometimes. I think we need to think more about these aspects of cat care. I don't have my cat vaccinated anymore. She is old and has had enough of them. Anyway she stays at home all day with little chance of catching anything. And I think about cat food more. It is hard though to get involved in these things as it takes time and that is often in short supply unlike the drugs.

The only real food for cats is properly made homemade cat food. This is raw supplemented cat food. And vaccinations should be seriously considered and discussed with the vet and don't get bullied!

Are Cats Hurt by Commercial Food and Vaccines? to Cat Health Problems

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