Wednesday 28 January 2009

Stop Other Cats Using My Cats Cat Flap

How to stop other cats using my cat's cat flap? The fact that this is very common is an indication of both cat and human behavior. A well loved well fed cat living with a human would be disinclined to wander into another person's home (but I guess it still might happen). However, a poorly cared for, neglected and hungry cat or a plain stray or feral cat is likely to use our cat flap to find food and even some warmth. The root cause of the problem is mainly ours.

cat magnetic collar
Poppy with a magnetic collar that has picked up a piece of metal, a Vaseline bottle top! Photo by Thorin

There are only three practical possible solutions, the last of which is the best:

-- find the person who keeps the cat who is coming in and see if they can look after the cat better. This is unlikely to work even if you can find the owner as people don't like to be told how to do things.

-- Remove the cat flap and set up a routine in which your cat tells you when she wants to go out and come in. Mine does this. She sits by the door when she wants to go out and knocks on the door when she wants to come in. It works fine. The only trouble is there is a cat flap which she refuses to use unless she has to as she is old and overweight!

-- Install a Petsafe Cat Flap Magnetic White 4Way Lockthat is operated by a magnet in a collar on your cat. This sounds good. The downsides are cost, training you cat to be comfortable with a large collar and the dangers of collars (they can get caught in branches and strangle a cat although this is relatively rare I would have thought). This should stop other cats using My cats cat flap.

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