Saturday 10 January 2009

Travelling Bengal Cats

"I’m so sorry to hear about your kitties fear in the car. My Bengals all truly love riding in the car and start running ahead of us to the door when we load out, but we do have a pound kitty that stressed badly when we first started taking him on rv trips. Poor baby would dig and dig in the litterbox, his feet would sweat leaving puddles where ever he stepped and when we went over wolf creek pass he even threw up.

He’s adjusted with time and travel but I did talk to my vet about what might help his situation. He wrote down for me that I could give pound kitty Smokey (10 to 12 lbs), Dramamine (12.5 mg – one to three times daily) or Bonine (5 mg – once daily). He felt the Bonine would be the better drug, but Dramamine is available over the counter almost everywhere. We’ve never needed to use the drugs as we’ve traveled enough that he’s worked through the worst of it, so you might want to visit with your vet to see if it would be appropriate for your Bengal. I know my vet told me that valium has little or no effect on cats as they metabolize it so quickly. Good luck with your move and your kitty."

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