Thursday 29 January 2009

Feline Hypothermia Treatment

In the very cold weather there may be a time when feline hypothermia treatment needs to be given at home as an emergency. Prolonged exposure to cold can force a cat's body temperature down to levels that cause illness and worse. Getting wet is the most likely cause. Sometimes I worry about a stray cat that I call Timmy. He comes in for warmth, food and TLC, which he gets but he spends the cold nights outside and he comes in sopping wet sometimes.

Feline Hypothermia can also occur after an operation (after a long anesthetic). The symptoms are listlessness preceded by violent shivering. There follows collapse and coma. The rectal temperature is below 97 degrees F.

Drs Carslon and Giffin recommend the following Feline Hypothermia treatment:

-- Wrap cat in blanket and bring her into the house

-- If the cat is wet a warm bath is indicated. The skin should be dried thoroughly afterward with towels. Hair driers are unsafe as they can cause burns.

-- Apply warm water packs (the temperature of baby milk - warm to touch) to the armpits, chest and abdomen. Fresh packs should be used until the rectal temperature reaches 100 degrees F.

-- Give honey, glucose, sugared water (4 teaspoons to one pint of water).

Feline Hypothermia Treatment to Cat Health Problems

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