Stone Cougar Cat

The Stone Cougar cat is a rare domestic cat. This cat is a cross between the domestic cat and the wild Jungle cat (F. chaus). The cat is therefore a wildcat hybrid.

Stone Cougar Cat

This is a still from YouTube video showing (apparently) Stone Cougar kittens. The video is by neogrotesque. I have given a link to the person's YouTube "channel" (webpage at YouTube) in thanks. The video cannot be embedded. I can't confirm whether they really are cats of this breed. 

The idea behind this proposed cat breed follows the path of other wildcat/domestic cat hybrids such as the well known Bengal and the Savannah cats, namely to create a cat that resembles a wild cat but which is a domestic cat. In this case the wild cat that is the "model" is the Cougar, Puma or Mountain Lion (different names for the same wild cat - also see Florida Cougar). 

The foundation cats (early generation, F1) are 50% domestic and 50% Jungle Cat. The appearance of a Stone Cougar cat should be cobby it seems (thick set) with small ears and a thick tail. The color "stone" is used widely in commerce, which gives us a clue as to the desired color of this cat breed. The coat color of the kittens above would seem to be true to this goal.

A much better known Jungle cat/domestic cat hybrid is the Chausie. The Stone Cougar is another name for the Chausie, apparently. I have built a couple of pages on the Chausie, which you can see here if you like:

Chausie | Chausie - Helmi and Ken Flick's experience living with an F1 Chausie

Stone Cougar Cat to Wild Cat Hybrids


  1. We were lucky enough to be adopted by a neighborhood cat for a few years. She was enormous, weighed 24 pounds, and she also had the most beautiful personailty. I have a wonderful picture of her resting on the couch with me, I wish I could paste it here.

    She disappeared about a year ago. We think her Mommy moved away and took her along - we miss her lots.

    I wrote a fantasy series for kids and teens with giant wild cats roaming around. Funny thing is I gave most of these supernatural felines personalities based on our not so humble housecats. Funnier thing is, it worked, the kids love the books!



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