Saturday 3 January 2009

Cat Fanciers Association against Cruelty?

Is the Cat Fanciers Association against cruelty to cats? Well I guess this answer must be a resounding , "Yes".

In fact all cat fanciers who are usually cat breeders and people associated with cat breeding and cat showing will be against cat cruelty. But when one thinks about it, this is not necessarily automatically the case, it seems to me.

I'd like to mention the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) in this post and address a little known fact. You may have heard of Alexa. It is a part of Amazon and it is an internet business that provides information about websites, including traffic levels. Obviously people who put websites on the internet want people to see it. The CFA are no exception. Therefore traffic levels are vital and webmasters do all they can to improve and maintain them.

The Alexa service also provides information about which country the traffic comes from. The CFA as expected receives most of its traffic from the USA, where it is based. The CFA mainly serves the United States. However, a substantial part of its traffic comes from China (about 20+ % ususally). This is highly unusual. I know of no other cat website whose traffic comes substantially from China.

Pictures of (this website) gets no traffic from China as it is almost certainly blocked by the Chinese authorities as there are some pages on this site in which I justifiably criticize a small section of the people of China for acts of cat cruelty and the Chinese government for not enacting animal protection laws (see cat meat name and shame).

Then there is the thriving cat and dog fur market. This has been banned from Europe but it will continue to thrive in my opinion. In China, the world's primary supplier of cat and dog fur, the cats and dogs are kept, killed and skinned in the most cruel fashion.

The CFA website is clearly not banned by the Chinese authorities who monitor the internet. Why not? There cannot be any criticism on their website of the cat fur trade or cat meat trade or lack of animal protection legislation. Wouldn't you think that they would have something on that? They are the experts. It is simply not possible to reconcile breeding beautiful purebred cats and cat cruelty elsewhere in the world . You can't do the former without tackling the latter it seems to me.

So, I return to the question, "Is the Cat Fanciers Association against cruelty to cats?". Answer: I am not sure.

Cat Fanciers Assocation against cruelty? to too many cat associations

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  1. CBC.INFO is online is because we are doing the job CFA should be doing
    Just listen to CFA's new version of their Protest Procedure:
    "Requests for Complaint Information:
    1. We do not dispense information regarding if a complaint has been received against an individual
    2. the number of complaints received
    3. or the content of a complaint"

    So what is this all saying? Its saying CFA has something to hide & does NOT want the public or other CFA members or breeders to know. It is saying CFA does not want the complaints about their CFA breeder be known to anyone. You would think CFA would have an obligation to be honest & up front about complaints against their own members. Why no, they will give no one any information about which breeder has a complaint, so the buyer can make a sound, well informed business decisions or possibly getting ripped off.

    In view what CFA will NOT do speaks volumes in itself. Its saying CFA is not transparent in its moral duties as a legal corporation to its own members. It saying CFA is deceptive & under handed & wants to keep complaints they get from buyers & CFA breeders, "under the rug", as they are so well known to do. It is saying CFA does not have a moral compass guiding their business practices.

    CFA whole business is a cat registry. Which means it for a fee of $10.00+ you can get your kitten or cat registered with CFA. CFA knows consumers buy pedigree kittens/cats. The one place a consumer can go to is CFA to inquire if the potential breeder they choose to buy from has a bad reputation. And CFA stated right in the above statements CFA will NOT disclose any complaints with potential buyers & that includes their own memebers.

    What is this all saying? Its saying CFA can not be trusted & is an under handed cat registry that should not be trusted nor respected. .


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