Thursday 29 January 2009

Dog Like Bengal Cats

Dog Like Bengal Cats is something we hear about. I don't read about Persian cats for example being dog like or an American Shorthair. If you're going to hear about dog like characteristics of purebred cats it is always the wild cat hybrids.

The reason why the wild cat hybrids are sometimes dog like is because they are ostensibly more intelligent and therefore more responsive to training. But are dogs more intelligent than cats. No... so I don't think it is really a question of wild cat hybrids being more intelligent than other cats (and therefore easier to train) but that they are more alert, require more stimulation and therefore more interaction with human companions. This makes them more receptive to being trained or more importantly more receptive to human involvement. Dogs are pack animals and therefore more involved with their human master. The human being the alpha dog. Dog like Bengal cats mimic this behavior to some degree (but lesser degree).

The person in the video has trained his Bengal cat to sit and raise a paw in response to the reward of food. All cats can be trained, however. I suspect that a good moggie would be just as receptive as a Bengal. Other well known wild cat hybrids are Chausie, Savannah, Safari and for a full list see this page: Wild Cat Hybrids.

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