Cats Early Neutering

"Reasons we do not do early altering:

First, FIP can be "triggered" at an early age and even before a kitten is sold at 12 weeks. In their new home, an apparently healthy kitten can later begin to decline at about 8 months of age but the triggers to produce the disease actually occured prior to 3 months of age. Some believe that 3 triggers within a 30 day period can result in FIP. Some triggers are: 1) early weaning; 2) vaccines; 3) poor quality food; 4) change of environment; 5) early alterning.

Kittens go through enough stress without the additional stress of altering. Second, kittens need to develop trust in humans. To take them away from their mother, put them into a vet clinic for the day, leave them to go through fear, stress, anesthesia and pain seems not only cruel but a break in that trust.

Third, we believe hormones are what results in males looking like males, and females looking like females. This is why we suggest altering at about 7 months of age.

Fourth, there is no conclusive proof that early altering is not a cause of health issues down the road."

Cats Early Neutering

Neutering Cats


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