Sunday 4 January 2009

Cat Leash Laws

"My backyard is infested with stray cats. Where I live stray cats are everywhere. They're like maggots. They dig up my precious plants, spread disease, scratch my car, terrorize me and sh*t over everything.... cat leash laws are needed in my area, now.........."

cat on a leash
Cat on leash in USA (Philadelphia) - the photographer was shocked to see it. Photo by damonabnormal

The above text is fictional and based on fact. Please discuss. Want to buy a cat leash? Try this: Size Right Cat Harness - Black.

Some pointers:

-- in the United States cat leash laws have been discussed but not yet enacted (as far as I am aware)

-- cats are not that suited to leashes as they require more training than dogs and really need a harness rather than a leash

-- the impracticality of cats on leashes can be gauged by the extremely few cats one sees on a leash although it can be done (see Helmi Flick and an F1 Chausie on a leash)

-- if there are cat leash laws, what happens to the cats (actually the people) who break the law? They'll no doubt get rounded up if they are outside and sent to a cat shelter where they will likely be killed. The cat pays with her life for a misdemeanor perpetrated by the human. Wrong?

-- there is a lot of fiction written about cats killing wildlife. Obviously some wildlife is killed by stray cats but nothing like the numbers quoted by people (experts?) serving their own interests. A classic case is the Australian feral cat problem. See ground shooting of feral cats and Savannah cat ban is wrong.

-- cats should be kept indoors full-time instead? (see cats indoors or out).

-- cats should be "confined" - kept indoors and if let out, then only into enclosures or enclosed gardens - the best solution but not practical for many.

-- cats should only be kept by people who can comply with the confinement principle? This couldn't work because it couldn't be enforced.

-- any laws on cats will be largely ineffective because they will not be adequately enforced. The police don't enforce major laws in the UK (i.e. burglary) and the RSCPA or the US equivalent can't be everywhere.

-- all cats should by law be spayed/neutered and microchipped (to identify ownership - is it safe?) - this is good, I feel, but once again there is simply no political will to do this. It requires too much work and will it work (i.e. can it be enforced?)

-- the solution is education and responsible cat ownership....discuss.

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  1. I am infuriated with laws that cats who are fixed should be confined to live in a prison called a house. Humans living in their homes and yet are allowed to go out, why not cats. The cat population keep down the mouse and rat population. I agree that cats should be fixed for their own safety and to prevent unwanted, uncared for pets. If they have a license proving they have their shots and are not going to be breeding people should get off their high horses. Cats are clean & bury their feces. Any yard with cat feces will not likely have mice.

  2. Lease laws or confining cats is ludacris. Let's confine more animals to live captive for no reason... not all cats are indoor animals... they enjoy hunting and are by nature, hunters. They keep rodents away and don't harm anyone. Feral or mean cats are the exception. Most outdoor house cats are gentle and enjoy attention and interacting with humans. As far as defacating in someone's flower bed, their sh*t is so tiny, you wouldn't ever notice it if you weren't looking. Maybe you would rather have rats eating your garbage and hanging around your house biting you or your kids! F**k people who hate animals who don't hurt anything... Get a Life! Maybe you are just a waste of life to begin with!!

    1. You are obviously ignorant. You should keep your cat and its sh*t to yourself!

  3. Wow.. Well if dogs have to be confined or leashed then sorry so does your cats! Do you realize that some people including children are very allergic to cats!! My son had to go to the emergency room because he has such a sever allergy to cats! So yes cat should be confined! I seem to find that most cat owners think their cats have more rights then my child!! Maybe you people need to think of the heath of others and take that in to consideration!! But i doubt that will happen! I now trap cats in a cat trap and the city pickes them up! If you love your cats so much protect them and keep them safe in your house! Not everyone has to adore your animal! I love dogs but if my dogs bark in my house the cops can still ticket me!

  4. Wow you people are morons. Leash your snotty children to your dogs and eat some shit. Leave cats alone you twits and go back eating burgers and fucking your fat wives haha dumb Americans ))))))

    1. Based upon your moronic suggestions I suspect that your cat is the only pussy you get.

  5. Well maybe people just want rats in their house hahaha on them

  6. I live in scotland and I think we need new laws 2 tackle the cat problems. Keep them indoors or keep thum on a lead. My neighbours cat jumped on the roof of my bmw and scratched it, it cost me hundreds of pounds to get fixed.
    Be responsible and look after your cat.
    They also prey on wildlife, poop n urinate on oter peoples gardens.. Its the owners I blame


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