Monday 19 January 2009

Chester Cheetah

cheetosFound this nice video on drawing Chester Cheetah. The artist is a young guy (girl?) who has talent. he wants sponsorship for college. Give him the money! Anyway back to Chester. First, he's a cat and we do cats on this website. Yes sir. Chester Cheetah is (was?) an advertising mascot for Cheetos cheesy snacks. I don't think I've ever tried them. Maybe I have once or twice -- nice!

In the adverts, Chester Cheetah insists that other cheese snacks "ain't nothin' but fluff" and is constantly doing his utmost to get hold of a bag of those cheesy Cheetos. He has chased a lorry full of 'em on a motorcycle and failed once again (a manhole got in the way). The single minded Chester is massively hip, which comes across very clearly in the drawing in the video. The cool dark glasses. Chester also wears red trunks and white sneakers with an orange spot on the side.

Chester Cheetah began appearing in adverts in January 1989. In the real world Cheetahs generally have a rough time and the population is falling year by year.

Chester Cheetah to Cartoon Cats | Cheetah Habitat

Picture of Cheetos bag published under Wikimedia® creative commons license license = Attribution-ShareAlike License

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