Saturday 30 August 2008

Clouded Leopard Population

The Clouded Leopard Population currently stands at:

  • An estimated number below 10,000 world wide of mature breeding cats (src:
  • Below 10,000 mature breeding cats (src:
  • Bornean Clouded Leopard: 5-11,000 in Borneo and 3-7,000 in Sumatra. I am not sure how this figure squares up with the above figures as this is apparently a different species (figures src: Wikipedia)
Important note: figures obtained on the Internet are not always reliable as one author produces figures and other authors use the same figures rather than going to a different source to verify. I couldn't find any other sources for this data proving it is not that well researched. This doesn't surprise me as the people who are best placed to assess the Clouded Leopard Population (business) are not necessarily interested in the preservation of this wild cat.

It should be noted that the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ does not quote a figure. This organisation is best placed amongst all to be able to assess population size as they are in the business of assessing population size. However, they do say that the population is declining. I don't how they are able to assess this cat in respect of survivability in the wild.

The above figure could well be suspect, please be aware.

The low population is due to:

Clouded Leopard Population - Illustrations:
  • Drawing of Borneo Clouded Leopard published under a Wikimedia Commons license and in any case the copyright for the image has expired due to passage of time. Source: William Jardine's The Natural History of The Feline.
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  1. Clouded Leopard lead an arboreal life, which the main reason they are considered as the most excellent climbers among the members of the cat family "Felidae". They have very good arboreal skills, that help them in hunting prey too.


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