Monday 11 August 2008

Deworming kittens

Try this for deworming kittens. Buy some Panacur paste. You can buy this online. Type in "deworming kittens" into Google for general drug suppliers or "panacur" for suppliers of this drug.

Buy a disposable 3 cc syringe (3 cc is ideal but I don't think a similar size will matter). Don't attach the needle or remove the needle.

Put half a cubic centimeter (c.c.) of the Panacur past in the syringe. Replace the plunger and depress the plunger until the paste just starts to come out of the orifice at the end.

Gently get hold of a kitten and gently but firmly open the mouth in the classic manner. Place the end of the syringe in the mouth towards the back of the mouth and depress the plunger quickly.

Do the above for 3 days. This treatment should be effective for deworming kittens. The kittens won't like it.

Deworming kittens to cat health problems

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