Thursday 28 August 2008

Winged Cats

Cat with wings photo by betizuka see below

Winged cats are in the news. We do like a bit of a freak show, paranormal behavior or mysticism don't we? We like to make more of a simple medical condition that actually requires our sympathy and acceptance. It almost reminds me of the Elephant Man.

The latest winged cat was found in China, a somewhat neglected calico cat in need of TLC. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese authorities have already come around and taken the cat away as they might think that is has a detrimental impact on the public's perception of China. China has got to look perfect you know. And the Chinese authorities don't like cats, particularly feral cats, they get eaten you know in some parts of China. So maybe someone has eaten the cat on the basis that winged cats have special fortifying and magical healing ingredients (see cat meat). Some people think that cat's fur has healing properties, which adds to cat abuse (see cat fur trade).

The truth is that winged cats probably suffer from a skin disease called feline cutaneous asthenia and that is it. It's a medical condition. When animals or human animals (people) have medical conditions we shouldn't and don't usually parade them around to entertain. Lets leave her alone. Cats don't like lots of unnecessary attention. The condition results in fragile and elastic skin that can sometimes contain muscle, it seems, as the wings can on rare occasions be moved by the cat. Sometimes the so called wings are simply the long and large mats of haired poorly groomed cat, probably a feral cat. Lets move on please to more pressing issues such as the brutal treatment of feral cats in some parts of China. Lets focus on cats' welfare rather than human entertainment at the expense of a cat.

Sorry to be so serious but I just think the whole thing of winged cats is misplaced and a bit ghoolish.

Winged Cats to cat and animal cruelty

Winged cats - Photo: this is published under a creative commons license. Although I am not sure this person who granted the license has the right to grant it - please confirm. Also this is not the cat illustrating an article in the Telegraph newpaper recently. That cat was a calico cat.

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