Thursday 21 August 2008

Cat sitter Los Angeles

Looking for a cat sitter in Los Angeles? Take a tip for a cat lover in London. Over here there is a recent case of a women who went to Australia backpacking. She asked a young man to look after her two cats. I presume she let him stay at the house. He did some cleaning and one of the cats soiled something, don't know how or what. It could have been caused by stress through his presence.

Anyway he lost his temper. Tried to drown them both in the bath. He attacked them for an hour and tortured them. Fur and blood in the bath. Neighbors heard the cats' screams and the RSPCA (the same as your SPCA) came around (very promptly I am pleased to see).

They found the cats on the floor twitching. They survived despite broken bones and hypothermia and wounds. They would have died but for prompt veterinarian surgery.

The man has been prosecuted and been warned he faces a year in jail.

Moral: get a professional cat sitter in Los Angeles that has been recommended or someone you can guarantee is OK. Don't take a chance. And the cats should know this person ideally as some cats will become stressed. Also some cats prefer people of certain sex. It is wise to know which sex!

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