Wednesday 13 August 2008

Drowned cat

In a recent news article it was reported that a drowned cat (black and white) was found at the same time a young Chinese couple, who were masters students, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne, were found brutally murdered and perhaps tortured. The drowned cat was found in a washing up bowl covered with a towel and washing up gloves under the bathroom sink.

Why would people intent on murder, kill a cat by drowning and place the cat in such a precise way under the bathroom sink? Why cover the cat and place the kitchen gloves on top as well. It is as if the person who killed the cat was simply putting things in order (i.e. the person who put the cat there was tidy). Or is there some sort of significance in the way the dead cat was left? Washing up or kitchen gloves are very unsymbolic. What mystical symbolism can be inferred from that? None in my opinion.

My gut feeling right now is that the drowned cat was not killed by the people who murdered the couple. Rather the cat died of natural causes, an infection or a road traffic accident or any other usual cause and the couple had placed the cat under water for the time being to preserve the cat until Monday and keep the cat from making an unpleasant smell in the flat. They had decided that the fridge was unacceptable and rightly so as there would have been food in it. The dead couple were found on Saturday morning. Perhaps the couple wanted to have the cat cremated and couldn't arrange that until Monday at the earliest.

The dead cat was left in a very neat and ordered setting as if the cat was another bathroom object to be put away and stored until needed. For what is worth, that is my theory. This poor drowned cat was not drowned at all but was dead when placed under water in a bowl.

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