Saturday 30 August 2008

Odor Control Cat Litter

From personal experience over decades the best odor control cat litter is wood based. For me there are essential 2 types of cat litter:
I presume the wood based litter is made from wood chippings. I hope so as I'd be upset to think they chopped down trees to make it. It is a soft wood, probably pine. Very fine particles of it are compressed into miniature "logs". When the cat urinates on it, it expands and absorbs it. It is the best, no doubt, for absorbing urine. There is absolutely no smell and no mess. Although as it doesn't clump it takes a bit of technique to take out the used and leave the unused.

Earth based litter clumps, yes, so it is easier to remove from the litter tray but the absorption is less good and the clump is wet as is the surrounding area sometimes. This translates into a more difficult cleaning up job as the litter tray itself becomes stained. With wood based litter the tray does not become stained and there is therefore much less ongoing maintenance of the tray itself. This offsets the slightly greater amount of work needed to separate out the used and unused wood based litter after use.

The main point is that the extra absorption qualities means it is a better Odor Control Cat Litter. One other thing. I use a covered litter tray to stop the wood litter being pushed out onto the floor and I put the litter tray and cover in another low level tray that is considerably larger to collect any litter that is walked out by my cat. The cover also helps to keep any residual odor in and they are not that expensive to be honest.

No.2s will smell in any cat litter unless it is covered by the cat. Sometimes mine doesn't cover it so I do it for her until the litter is removed, which should be at least once a day. Some people recommend more often but daily seems about right to me.

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Photo: Clay based cat litter - clumping cat litter but not as good as an Odor Control Cat Litter - wood based. Photo by BrittneyBush under a creative commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

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  1. Hi, I would like to tell you something about cat litter that maybe you like to experience. In my country we are used to mix cassava flour to the clay in the cat litter. The cassava flour has a very high absorption power and it is very cheap. It takes completely the odor off the cat litter, even the number 2. You can find the cassava flour in the market. Probably costs as much as US$2 and makes your clay or whatever you have in the cat litter be there twice longer. Just try and tell me later.

    PS. You have a nice blog. Congrats. I just started mine.


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