Friday 29 August 2008

Persian Kitten

Persian kitten
Persian Kitten photo copyright Helmi Flick

Before considering buying a Persian kitten for sale I am sure visitors to this site are also considering which type of Persian cat to buy or maybe the better words are 'keep' or 'adopt' as I don't think cats are an object that we possess like an inanimate object bought in a shop (although legally they are considered objects to possess).

Anyway, a Persian kitten looks simply gorgeous and there are two on this page. The little guy in the bowl looking like a Teacup cat (but he is not as he is a kitten and small for that reason) is what some people have called an Ultra Persian. These Persian cats have the flat face. This is created by selective breeding. It does not come naturally, the face has been transformed. The flat face is bred into these cats under the guidance of the breed standard, the most influential of which is the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) breed standard. I discuss this and the other breed standards in relation to the face of the Persian cat on this page: Traditional Doll Face Persian Cat.

The other Persian Kitten on the pink background will develop into a Traditional Persian cat (Doll Face Persian). The face is more normal and balanced. Which one do you prefer and which Persian kitten are you going to buy when you go looking for Persian kittens for sale?

White Traditional Persian kitten
White Traditional Persian Kitten - Cristalline - photo copyright Dani Rozeboom

One thing that might make up your mind is the health of your newly adopted kitten. Most people prefer to adopt a cat from a healthy cat breed. A poll I am running on the main website ( tells me that almost 60% of people think that a cat breed's health is very important. Some cat breeds are more healthy than others. Mixed breed cats are the healthiest by and large.

It is probably fair to say that the Traditional Persian is more healthy than the Ultra or more extreme faced Persian mainly because of Tear Duct Overflow (see Persian Cat Health Problems) if nothing else.

I prefer the Traditional Persian as you probably guessed as this cat is more natural. Nature is better at breeding cats that people.

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