Saturday 30 October 2021

Owner deliberately provokes kitten to attack her hand and arm

This is a deliberately provoked attack by the kitten's owner on her hand. You can see her offering her hand to the kitten in a way which is bound to provoke an attack, in my view. The owner knows this and expects it. She films the action as it unfolds. 

Screenshot. Sorry for the poor quality.

This is great and all very well. However, this wouldn't work for an adult cat because she would be hurt. If you have an adult cat clinging onto your arm and hand like that they will rake your arm with their hind legs and bite your hand in their jaws. The prey killing behaviour of a domestic cat. This kitten is killing their owner's hand. 😊

You're going to get injured to a certain extent dependent upon the athleticism and commitment of the individual cat. And of course it depends upon how keen on hunting the cat is. Some domestic cats are quite mild-mannered and not that interested in hunting while others, such as my cat, are very adept hunters and enjoy hunting every day. 

I apologise to the wildlife conservationists about that. However, he only or nearly only catches mice and keeps down the rodent population. I don't think wildlife conservationists can criticise me under those circumstances.

There is a wider issue in fact. In doing this you are training your kitten to attack your hand. I don't think it is wise for cat owners to use their hands and arms as play toys for their cat. It tends to create a bad habit in their cat which can lead to injury. Perhaps the person won't mind but they will eventually. 👎

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Cat owner allows their cat to extensively bite and scratch their hand. Photo in public domain.
Cat owner allows their cat to extensively bite and scratch their hand. Photo in public domain.

I can remember a picture of a hand that had been badly scratched and it was if the owner of that hand was a masochist because they constantly allowed their cat to scratch it. It was not a pretty sight and I reproduce the photograph above.

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