Tuesday 19 October 2021

Domestic dispute: man allegedly threatened to drown woman's cat

BELLINGHAM USA-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a classic case of the vulnerable domestic cat becoming a victim at the centre of a domestic dispute. It is annoyingly common for men to either threaten to abuse or abuse a woman's cat companion in domestic disputes as leverage to get her to do something or to emotionally hurt her.

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In this instance, the Bellingham Police Department booked a guy called Kapier Akana Robinson, 27, who was extremely angry (as is always the case) on suspicion of first-degree animal cruelty (domestic violence), harassment (domestic violence) and third-degree malicious mischief (domestic violence). Quite a catalogue of alleged crimes.

It is alleged that during an argument with his presumed girlfriend, Robinson threatened to drown her cat. He held the cat in the bath with the water running. The cat managed to get away which is unsurprising to me because when cats are under those sorts of situations they find a way to escape as they are so athletic and strong.

The woman, "the victim", took her cat and escaped the property. The police officers spoke to the woman who reported the threat against her cat. Allegedly, Robinson had also threatened in text messages to kill her cat in other ways and to hurt the victim.

After the incident, the woman returned to her apartment and found that the bathroom door was broken off its hinges and the doorknob had penetrated the wall. This accounted for the loud bang that she heard when she fled the apartment.

The police officers obtained Robinson's cooperation by threatening to taser him. Until then he was uncooperative. He was placed under arrest at that time.

It is mean and nasty for men to leverage their argument against women with threats of harm against womens' cats. It is cowardly. Perhaps sometimes the man thinks that their girlfriend prefers her cat to them which drives them crazy. Or the man believes that the cat gets in the way of their relationship.

To a lot of women, cats are better friends than boyfriends!

Source: The Bellingham Herald. My thanks.

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