Blue mackerel tabby Exotic Shorthair (video)

Posted by Gergana Stefanova on Tuesday, October 26, 2021

This is a lovely little cat. Super coat. I am not a great fan of the Exotic Shorthair or contemporary Persian as they both have the extreme face but they are popular. It is nice to see a video. 

Note: videos from Facebook sometimes disappear or stop working for one of many reasons, usually because it has been removed at source.

The details as per the breeder posting on Facebook: 
  • Exotic shorthair
  • Male
  • Cute
  • Blue mackerel tabby 
  • Birthday 14.06.2021 
  • CFA registration

Here is a still picture from the video. I think the breeder lives in Russia or one of the satellite countries. Not sure.

Blue mackerel tabby  Exotic Shorthair
Blue mackerel tabby  Exotic Shorthair


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