Friday 1 October 2021

Malaysian Movement Control Order stressed people leading to increased cat abuse

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is probably expected as when people are stressed they tend to do silly things. Things that they wouldn't normally do. They lose their self-discipline, if they have any in the first place. And so it is reported that the problems and stresses of what Malaysia calls their Movement Control Order (MCO) implemented during the Covid crisis to put a brake on the spread of the disease has led to a rise in cases of cats being abused and abandoned.

Cat shelter Malaysia
Cat shelter Malaysia. Photo: New Straits Times.

The Malaysia Cat Club president Khalid Rashid said:

"Compared to the years before the MCO, the number of cats being rescued is higher since last year until September this year. In fact, some of the rescue cats were also abused, with some found with burns on their bodies as a result of being splashed with hot oil just for stealing food. We believe the increase in the number of cats being abandoned and abused during the MCO period was perhaps due to stress and other problems faced by some."

The Malaysia Animal Association (Persatuan Suara Haiwan Malaysia) was set up to help reduce animal cruelty. They have a animal police hotline and they want volunteers. It is not clear to me how it will work but they clearly feel there is a need to do something about reducing the number of animal abuse cases.

I am afraid the domestic and stray cat, wherever they are in the world, is a ready made target for animal abuse when it emerges. This is a case in point.

Source: New Straits Times

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