Sunday 31 October 2021

Model spends $500 to feed her three cats and a dog for dinner on one day!

Camila Elle, a model with 61,000 Instagram followers says that she spends far more on her three cats and a dog than on herself. She says that she thinks nothing of spending a fortune for their dinner.

"I'll think nothing of dropping $500 on something really tasty for their dinner but I’ll only have cheap noodles."

Overall, she has spent more than $200,000 on her four companion animals. One of her cats is on Prozac for anxiety. The 3 cats are named Tuumi, Miso and Tigger and her dog is Zed. She says that she earns a seven figure sum annually. She buys them the best of everything. She loves them more than anything in the world and they are her life.

Yuumi and Elle
Yuumi and Elle. Photo: Elle on Instagram.

Two of her cats are purebred, one is a Persian (Misco) who cost her $2000 and the other is a British Longhair (Yuumi) who also cost $2000. These two cat breeds have very similar appearances if you compare the traditional Persian with the British Longhair. Her dog was also bought from a breeder and cost her $4000. Her third cat is non-purebred. I don't know where she adopted him/her from.

She claims to spend around $1000 a month for medications, food and grooming. She says that her fluffy kitties need to be groomed twice a month because they have long fur. This costs her $150 a time. Comment: I wonder why she doesn't do it herself. It would be a very good bonding experience.

The Persian is on Prozac because she is anxious. The medication costs $500 monthly. Comment: Persians to have a reputation for being anxious which is why there can be mishaps in the litter tray. So this news does not surprise me.

She is a raw cat food aficionado, which I like. She obviously is very careful how she provides the raw food to her companion animals. They all eat raw food because it's the best thing for for them. And she spends $200 weekly on "the best delicate cuts", minnows, Greek yoghurt and chicken hearts.

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For their birthdays she splashes out on something extra special. And in that vein, she has splashed out on two treadmills for her pets so that they burn off any excess calories. The home has five cat condos/towers to ensure that they play and enjoy themselves and have a high place to rest. She is having a custom-made cattery built specially.

It will cost her $5000 and will be 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall with a real tree in the middle of it. Zed her dog is also treated in the same way. She buys him lots of toys which he gets bored of but she takes him to the beach every day for walks which she loves. If she can't fit the walk in she will pay for a dog walker to take him out. And she takes him to see a police trainer to learn new tricks.

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She always takes her four companion animals to the veterinarian for regular checkups. She is a model and a model cat owner although maybe she is being a little bit generous by the standards of the average cat caregiver. But as far as I'm concerned she's doing a fantastic job based upon this report in The Sun newspaper.

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