Picture of a longhaired Selkirk Rex bicolour

This is a nice picture of the Selkirk Rex longhair. The coat is a bicolour, specifically a ginger-and-white bicolour. The news media refer to this cat as a cat in sheep's clothing. They have the approximate appearance of the better-known British Shorthair but with a curly coat. They are quite rare which surprises me because they are also popular. 

You will find shorthaired and longhaired variants. The curls are more pronounced in the longhaired version. The body is semi-cobby meaning slightly stocky. The head is pleasantly round. When you breed them you are allowed to outcross to British Shorthair cats because that method of selective breeding will not change the body shape of the Selkirk Rex.

Picture of a longhaired Selkirk Rex bicolour
Picture of a longhaired Selkirk Rex bicolour. Photo: Reddit.

The breed more or less started in Wyoming shelter in the late 1980s when a Montana Persian breeder was given a cat with curly hair from which she founded the breed. At that time, of course, the breed had not been named. I'm told that as the kittens get older the ends of the curly whiskers become brittle and break off leaving very short curly whiskers. And about four months of age the kittens might lose most of their hair. It grows back curly and it remains that way for the remainder of their lives. The coat is soft and plush with quite coarse guard hairs.

They are a sweet and loyal cat, a healthy breed making gentle, pleasant companions. You'll see them in all categories, all divisions and in all colours. You can read more about this cat by clicking on the link below if you wish.

Selkirk Rex Cat


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