Friday 8 October 2021

The world is a cat playing with Australia (tweet)

You might have seen it: an image in a tweet in which the artist has drawn the outline of a cat covering all the countries of the world (almost) while Australia is a ball that the cat is playing with. It's quite clever. An interesting aspect is that the cat's backside it in the exact same spot where the United States is! I disagree completely with the implication because I really like the United States. A different culture to the UK but by and large a good one and I love the space and the size of the country. And they love cats except for a few miscreants who like to shoot them.

The world is a cat playing with Australia (tweet)
 The world is a cat playing with Australia (tweet)

But this drawing can't be true because there is nothing in the news or anywhere else which indicates that the world is playing with Australia. Australia fits in quite nicely with the world. You could argue that China is playing with Australia as reflected in the dispute between these countries over China's treatment of the Uighur Muslims. There is friction between them. That's about the only idea that comes to mind in terms of one country playing with another.


Actually, that's incorrect because I've just thought about Russia playing with Europe over their supply of natural gas. They are jerking Europe around by reducing supply which forces the price up and then saying that the price could come down if Europe agreed to a new gas pipe line which they are constructing and which is controversial. Russia wants to control gas flows to Europe to have some leverage on political decision-making in Europe and particularly in Germany. But that is a boring political topic and nothing to do with cats whatsoever.

If you are trying to figure out what sort of cat that this person is drawn you would have to say that it is a random-bred cat with a cobby body meaning quite stocky. The British Shorthair comes to mind actually but this is a purebred cat. I am trying to weave into this article something to do with cats!

There is one last observation that I have. The tail is far too short for any cat other than one of those semi-tailless cats that you see in Asia padding around the streets. They do have a lot of Siamese-type cats and other types of cat with short and/or kinked tails. This supports the story that the first Siamese cats to be imported into England had kinked tails. They were sick cats with worms apparently.

The cat fancy in the West selectively bred out of the Siamese cat the kinked tail but if you feel a Siamese cat's tail you might be able to detect the vestiges of that famous kink.

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