Thursday 7 October 2021

Companion animals blessed by religious leaders on Long Beach

NEWS AND COMMENT: This event presented the world with some nice photographs of, for example, Reverend Ava Park of Orange County's Goddess Temple who you see blessing a much-loved dog on the beach. You see Pamela Reilly of West Hollywood holding Harley, her 12-year-old wire-haired dachshund miniature poodle mix. This was an interfaith Blessing of the Animals in Belmont Shore. The photograph is by Howard Freshman.

Companion animals blessed by religious leaders on Long Beach
Companion animals blessed by religious leaders on Long Beach. Photo: Howard Freshman.

I like this sort of event because although I am an atheist I see a lot of companion animal owners taking a lot of benefit and emotional warmth from the priests and other religious leaders blessing their animals. It's very comforting it seems to me. That is the impression I get from the images.

Of course cats and dogs were the most common animal there and I'm sure that there was a huge preponderance of dogs but there were also guinea pigs and bearded dragons including a corgi in a stroller. It would have been an ideal situation to use a cat stroller by the way. It would be a good way to keep a cat safe in such a situation.

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The event was part of the 19th Interfaith Blessing of the Animals. It was hosted by the Community Action Partnership, a non-profit run by Justin Rudd who is a long-time Long Beach event organiser.

There are about 200 companion animals at the blessing. The best photograph for me is of the priestess from Orange County's Goddess Temple. She looks interesting and you can almost feel the love delivered by Pamela to her dog Harley.

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Some people brought the ashes of their companion animal to be blessed. I like that too. A lot of people gain a lot of emotional benefit from having the ashes of their companion animals, who've passed over the rainbow bridge, with them in their home at all times. To bless the ashes as an added bonus.

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